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Sporza Daizy Wheel/Rim for Sporza Daizy

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Sporza Daizy – This is a direct replacement forSporza , made by the  Sporza manufacturer.  The Sporza wheels / rims are hard to find, but as a member you have access to wholesale wheel prices including  wheels, rims, custom rims, forged wheels, and discontinued wheels.

Brand Info:

Notes on Wheels: Sporza Daizy Size: 22×9

Rear / Front Wheel Drive: BOTH

Inventory Stock: (9) wheels in system.  Located in (3) different warehouses across the country and/or worldwide.   You will NOT be charged for any product until it is located and shipped.   

Users Saved this Product: (7) times in last 14 Days – Please move fast if this number is near inventory stock, as the wheels are not manufactured any longer and discontinued. 

Policy: You will NOT be charged for products until shipped (a tracking number will be emailed to you).  You will NOT be charged any taxes if not in Texas (if in Texas 8.25%).  You will only be charged $37 for a 3 month membership subscription, this is how we are able to relay wholesale pricing to the public.  Cancel anytime without penalty / no contract.  We specialize in finding hard to find discontinued wheels/rims and center caps for wheels for all after market wheel brands.

Shipping: Free Shipping Till End of Week – That is a savings of $60-$70 Per Wheel as these wheels weight up to 80 pounds.  Wheels are professionally packaged.  Products all shipped UPS Ground or DHL.

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